Simple ways to learn english

They say that the best way to learn a foreign language is having a foreign partner. However, if you dont have a wife, husband, or anyone close from abroad, try some other ways. How to learn English convenient and fast? Let us show you a couple of simple ways to learn foreign English!

Meet somebody

If you dont have any close English-speakers members of your family or friends, it is a good idea to meet someone. Learning from a native speaker is one of the best ways to improve your language skills. Not only because he will correct your mistakes and give you an English lesson, but also because everyday talk can break the language barrier once and for all.

Its worth mentioning that native speakers are quite kind to some linguistic mistakes because they do not pay attention to them themselves. However, if asked to correct them, they will do it perfectly!

Listen, read and repeat

Learning English means everyday practice. It is not only doing exercises, but also (or mostly) watching English movies, and series, reading books or magazines, and listening to podcasts.

When you watch TV series or film, dont forget to repeat every word you didnt know before or had been pronouncing it the wrong way. When you read books, write unknown words and make sentences that include them. Its the best way to remember them really fast.

You can also learn English by scrolling through social media apps – find some English accounts, read posts, and maybe blogs too.

Worksheets and language games

There is no better way to learn English, than making it funny and enjoyable. You can try some flashcards, association games, or create some easy nursery rhymes.

You can also find some crosswords, matched with your skills level (A1-C2). Simple language games may improve your English step by step – learn effortlessly and stop using old methods.

Plan your work! Lesson plans with english4tutors

It is impossible to make a cake without following every step of the recipe. The same principle applies to learning foreign languages. Without the best planning, your work will be chaotic, and you remember less.

In english4tutor we offer you many various lesson plans for learning grammar, vocabulary, and phrasebooks from A1 up to C2 level. Every English lesson lasts from 30 to 90 minutes. Plans are divided into topics – travel, art, fashion, technology, and much more. You can choose free or premium version of each plan.

The best plans you make, the faster your language skill will grow. Just trust the process of your English lessons and follow all prepared steps of learning.