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How to use a cash register?


Many young people decide to start their employment in different stores or restaurants. In many cases, their first job is associated with a cash register. Unfortunately, the use of these machines is not very simple and intuitive, so each employee has to take part in a special cash register training to get the necessary skills and knowledge. This training should not only include physical work with the cash register, but it should also be associated with security and keeping details in mind.

Setting up procedure

The first step is setting up the machine before beginning a work shift. Each user needs to count down a drawer so he or she will make sure that it contains the required amount of cash and coins required to make a change to customers. After counting down the money and confirming the amount, a worker has to sign a special sheet with information that the sum of money is correct and that a worker accepts his or her drawer. The next step requires checking the cash register to make sure that it contains receipt paper. If a worker finds that the roll reaches its end (a colored stripe in the middle of a paper) then he or she has to replace it with a new roll. After that, it is important to put a cash drawer in the register and it is possible to input an employee code.

Performing work on a cash register

Of course, we can find many types of cash registers that represent different styles. Some of them include touch screens that show pictures of sold items and the other ones feature simple numbers (like in a calculator) with names of departments. During the training, a cash register operator will receive valuable information on inputting numbers of orders or numbers according to a specific cash register type or style.

Operators of cash registers (regardless of the type), have to remember some basic rules. If you work on a register, you have to repeat the back requests of a customer to make sure that you heard them correctly. You also need to carefully check all the prices and you have to count multiple items carefully, so you will be sure that you put the correct amount on a cash register. Compare coupons with solid items and control all the dates, so you will know that you accept only the current coupons (not expired ones).

After summing everything up, enter the amount of money that you received, so the cash register will calculate the amount of change. Say the change sum loudly, so a customer knows the exact amount of change that he or she receives. In case of card payments, you have to slide a card through the slot or insert the cart into a chip reader. After that, you need to print a receipt. After a customer signs it, you need to put it in the drawer.

End work activities

At the end of a work shift, you need to make sure that all the money is contained in the drawer. It is important to close the register, so you will get a total amount of all transactions performed during the shift. Print this total amount and remove a cash drawer. After that, sign out from the cash register and put the drawer in a safe and secure location, so you can count all the money without interruptions. After that, put out all the money and put in the “starting” amount, so the drawer will be ready for the next shift.


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