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High pressure sales tactics


Currently, many companies use different sales tactics to sell their products and generate the highest possible income. Many of them use special high-pressure sales tactics that can be stressful and annoying, but they work and increase sales. We can find many types of these tactics and we should remember to observe some of the important rules to keep them very effective.

Endless talking

Many companies order their workers to keep talking. Interrupting a long speech can be a very difficult task, especially if the listener does not want to be rude or if a talking person is friendly. This means that a potential customer has to be very assertive to decline the sales offer. Salesmen very often have got special scripts or lists of answers, so they know what to tell if a potential customer says “no”. Some companies order their sales representatives to keep talking until a customer refuses three or more times.

Emotional manipulation tactics

Some of the people responsible for sales, use emotional manipulation tactics to generate bigger sales by pressuring potential customers to buy products offered by them. For example, these salesmen can present a list of benefits of a product and say why it can change the life of a customer, so he or she becomes emotional and it will be easier to convince such a person to buy a specific product. Individual emotional issues are also very important for salesmen. For example, if a customer feels anxious, then a salesman tries to convince a client that a product will improve safety or security.

Special limited time offers

Limited-time offers are very popular high-pressure sales techniques because they force customers to buy some products without thinking. Sometimes people who are not interested in a product can change their minds if they know that a product might not be available very soon. Salesmen very often inform their clients that a special discount will be available for a very short time. People who know that only a few products are available, buy them because they think that their value is very high.

Reciprocity method

Many people feel obliged to give something in return when they receive presents or compliments. Sales tactics based on reciprocity take advantage of this instinct. For example, salesmen can give their potential customers free samples or drinks and then they can ask for help. Thanks to this strategy, clients are more likely to listen to the offer and there is also a high chance that they decide to purchase a product. Sometimes customers buy products because they are interested in receiving additional gifts.

As you can see, sales companies use many different high-pressure sales strategies. Some of them are only annoying, but some of them may be illegal. It is good to know all of them and it is also good to learn how to be assertive, so you will not buy products of poor quality that are not useful. There are many effective methods of saying “no”, so it is a great idea to look for information about them on the Internet.


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