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Transport and logistics – what is the difference?


Currently, we can observe a large growth of the logistics and transportation industries. It is not strange, because thanks to them, it is possible to provide resources to factories, final products to customers, etc. In other words, both of these industries are very important for the world’s economy and many aspects of life. That is why, it is important to use professional, high-quality services of companies that represent these industries.

Transportation – what is it?

Definition of transportation says, that it is a procedure that includes mainly a movement of people, animals or different types of products, resources and other goods between specific locations. Of course, this procedure includes different types of transport (air, road, rail, sea, cable, pipeline and space transportation). The whole branch can be divided into the infrastructure and vehicles that take part in the process and into operations performed by users of infrastructure and vehicles. Transportation is very important for civilization because it enables trade and allows for better communication between communities, countries, etc.

Basic information about logistics

Logistics branch is much wider than transportation. This complex procedure includes production, distribution, and transportation of products to correct places in the appropriate quantities. Logistics branch is also widely used in the armies and this process includes movement of personnel, soldiers, etc. What is more, logistics includes planning, implementing, and controlling the effective transportation of goods and storage. In other words, this complex procedure includes different services and information from the point of source to the point of consumption, so all requirements of customers will be fulfilled.

What is the difference?

We need to say that the logistics branch is much wider and broader than transportation. The logistics industry focuses on all elements of the flow of goods and transportation is focused only on movement from point A to point B.

Logistics requires good planning and realization of complex procedures, while transportation is only one of the logistics elements that allow for the movement of goods. In other words, we can say that transportation is a part of logistics. Of course, the branch of logistics also includes many other parts and elements like packaging, documentation, containerization, storage, insurance, regulations associated with importing and exporting, co-operation with other companies within the chain of supply, etc.

New technologies in logistics and transportation industries

These days, we can observe that advanced technologies and improved business procedures allow for the positive transformation of both logistics and transportation industries. These technologies allow for the monitoring of resources and flow in real-time. They also allow for transparent actions and effective exchange of operational information. We should also mention that it is possible to find many good logistics and transportation companies on the market.


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