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What is business administration?


Business administration is a term that in most cases is associated with programs offered by colleges. These programs teach participants the basic rules, principles, and practices of a business. What is more, the aforementioned term also refers to the management of all business elements and aspects. In other words, business administration is associated with finance, marketing, human resources, and accounting management. It can be also associated with business activities and operations.

Definition of business administration

We can find many definitions of a business administration term. Generally, it is a complex process of organizing resources and people required to meet all the business objectives and goals. The whole, complex procedure of business administration includes the management of operations and human resources. It is also important to remember about financial and marketing management.

MBA courses

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a special post-graduate program that allows people to get the required skills that are important to properly and effectively manage a business. Many universities and colleges offer these courses and they earn large incomes thanks to offers that include these courses. People have to pay about $130 000 – $150 000 to participate in these courses. After finishing these courses, they receive the title of Master in Business Administration (MBA). It is a post-graduate degree that can be very valuable.

Day-to-day activities associated with business administration

A business administrator is a person who finished the business administration course. This person is responsible for managing day-to-day activities and operations in a company or organization. Business administrators are also responsible for planning long-term projects and strategies.

People responsible for business administration can work individually or as members of teams. They can organize and supervise members of staff hired in a company. Business administrators are also engaged in activities associated with hiring new people or motivating employees. They also prepare reports that describe all main, important aspects of a business.

Career options associated with business administration

People who decided to finish business administration courses can reach top and lucrative positions in different companies and organizations. For example, they can be hired as a company’s CEO (Chief Executive Officer), CFO (Chief Financial Officer) or General Manager. Of course, in the beginning, business management graduates apply for lower, basic management positions and they gradually reach the top of the management ladder in a corporation.

Good business administrators should have academic qualifications and some special, important skills. They need to be able to adapt to many different situations and to perform many tasks successfully. Business administration specialists should also have good leadership and motivation skills. Thanks to these skills and knowledge earned during the MBA course, these administrators will be effective and successful.


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