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What you need to know about roll-on packaging?

12/12/2021 What you need to know about roll-on packaging

Cosmetics are an extremely diverse and very rich category of products. Individual preparations differ in terms of thickness, fluidity and consistency – from dry powders and powders, through oils and balms, to water, mists and tonics. Due to this diversity, it is also necessary to use containers with various characteristics for their packaging. Among them, a specific group are roll-on and mini roll-on packages.

Characteristics and application of roll-on packaging

The dosing of liquid cosmetics, such as antiperspirants or deodorants, requires the use of solutions that will allow for precise distribution of the preparation. This is very important for many reasons. The fluid remains on the skin and its excess is not absorbed by clothing, leaving it dirty. The ball prevents too much product from being applied. It allows you to measure the amount of the cosmetic, which additionally guarantees obtaining, for example, the optimal level of fragrance. In addition, the mini roll-on, in turn, promotes the economic use of the product, which is especially important in the case of expensive, branded perfumes or valuable eye oils.

Roll-on packages have a characteristic four-element structure. The main part is the cosmetic container. It can be a slim bottle or a wide box with a round bottom. Individual models also have a different capacity, which makes them suitable for portioning perfumes and deodorants. Fitment is an important part of roll-on packaging. This specific element, together with the ball, combines the functions of a closure and a dispenser. It must be very tight so that the cosmetic does not spill out of the package. The bottle and the fitment are complemented by a ball and a cap.

Kind of roll-on package

Cosmetics is an industry in which each product has to go through a difficult path to the heart and preferences of the customer. Important elements of the fight for this recognition are the visual side and the comfort of use. Roll-ons packages favor both. Thanks to the selection of an interesting form of the bottle with a ball applicator, you can create the image of your brand.

In order to provide customers with functional packaging that will meet all requirements, Caps And Jars places emphasis on the quality of each of these elements. When conducting leakage tests, remember that we need all the components of the process: we fill the bottle with liquid, assemble the ball, tighten the closure and put the prepared packages into the vacuum chamber used for leakage tests.


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