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How to get into business school 


Getting accepted into a selected business school is not an easy task. It is especially difficult to get into a top business school that is has got a very high position in the ranking compared to other schools of this type. The higher ranking means a higher level of education, but also higher expectations and requirements. In the case of the best schools, only about 12 out of every 100 people who applied to a first-tier business school, become accepted. In other words, getting into a business school can be challenging, but it is not impossible. It requires a lot of hard work preparing a good application. Each candidate should remember about many important things to increase his or her chances to get into a business school.

Selecting a business school that meets specific requirements

A business school application should include many important elements, but in the beginning, a candidate needs to think about the right schools that fit his or her requirements. It is very important because, in many situations, people with good test scores and recommendation letters get rejected because they are not a good fit for the school.

Many candidates search for business schools based on rankings. Of course, they are important, but it is also crucial to look at other factors. The first one is the business school culture. Some schools focus on collaboration and other ones have got a more competitive culture, so self-sufficiency is required from students.

Another important factor is associated with people. If you want to become an MBA student, you will have to spend a lot of time with people. Some schools offer large classrooms and other ones provide smaller rooms. You can also select schools with professors who prefer research or application.

Of course, the school location is also a very important factor. Many people focus their attention on living costs, weather, proximity to family, networking options, etc. A big city offers more opportunities, but this environment can be difficult for some people. Small cities and villages offer not so many opportunities, but in most cases, they are much cheaper.

Find out what are the school’s expectations

Most business schools inform their candidates that they are interested in creating diverse classes, but many of them have got visions of their archetypical students. In many cases, schools prefer people who are passionate, business-minded and ready to work hard to achieve all goals. You have to search for a school that is good for you and you need to provide an application that suits all the requirements of a school. It is good to look for some information on the Internet or visit a campus to get information about the school requirements.

Common mistakes to avoid

Everyone can make some mistakes – it is important to know them, so you can avoid them. First of all, you should write original essays for all applications. School workers can easily detect if you use recycled essays. They should also be interesting and specific because generic essays can be boring. Remember about additional options like optional interviews and about retaking the GMAT if your score is not satisfactory.


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