How to start a bee farm

Honey is a very popular product in the whole world. People love it because of its sweet taste and healthy properties. Bees are responsible for producing honey and selling this product can be a very profitable business, because of the growing popularity of this product. This type of business is ideal for people who are not allergic to bees and their stings. This business can be started by people who do not have a lot of money. What is more, you do not need to have a large backyard area to place such a farm. Everyone who wants to work with bees will be able to see the fruits of the labor and will take an active part in agriculture life. Running a bee farm is not only a good idea for a business, but it can also become a very interesting hobby. Of course, it is important to remember some basic rules and information associated with running a bee farm.

First important steps

In the beginning, you have to contact your local Cooperative Extension office to get information if you can run a bee farm in the backyard. Some towns and areas are not suitable for this kind of business, because they can be harmful to insects.

After performing the first step, you need to choose a backyard area suitable for a bee farm. In the beginning, it is good to start with only one or two hives that should be placed near flowers and plants that assure plenty of nectar. Remember about providing shade and wind protection. Also remember about your neighbors who can be allergic, etc.

The next important stages

Your first beehive colonies should come from local beekeepers or established Apiaries. Never buy bees from uncertain sources. You should order honey bees in January or March for shipment in March or April. Some sellers allow for buying packaged bees and queens, so customers can transport them to their hives. A typical package contains from 9000 to 22000 honey bees and its weight is about 2-5 pounds.

You need to buy hives and other types of beekeeping equipment like brood chamber, hive body, queen excluder, feeders, honey supers, and outer and inner covers that allow for good protection from the weather. It is good to buy high-quality equipment online because you can find many interesting and attractive discounts. For example, you can find many types of equipment on eBay.

Important tips and warnings

You should register yourself as a beekeeper by joining a local association of beekeepers. Remember about non-beekeeping neighbors and keep your bees away from public areas. Your bees require a container with water and Styrofoam chips that protect them from drowning. You should also remember about moving your hives to provide your bees access to more flowers that feed them and produce different types of honey.

Never place your hives in damp and cold places in the winter. Look out for bumblebee swarms interested in the same flowers as your bees. Look out for stings even if you are not allergic, because they cause pain, swelling and reddening on the skin in the affected area, so it is not very pleasant.