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Can you quit a contract job


Resigning from any job can be a very difficult experience that also induces anxiety, but leaving a contract or temporary position can be especially problematic. Temporary workers or people who specialize in contract jobs need to perform their tasks very well because the quality of their work is important for positive recommendations. Workers who received many positive reviews will have more chances to get the next attractive contracts. That is why leaving a contract job may have a large impact on hireability in the eyes of potential employers and staffing companies or temporary work agencies.

Consult Your staffing company

Unfortunately, in some situations, leaving a contract job is the only right solution. Sometimes people decide to leave because of their dissatisfaction with their workplaces or because of an unexpected life event. Regardless of the reason, it is important to inform a staffing company about this situation, because your decision of leaving will have a significant impact on the company’s reputation, so it is good to consult these plans, so a staffing firm can find other workers or help you with finding a better solution.

Leave the job in the right way

Giving the reasons for leaving a contract job is a very important task, but you should also remember about the way of communicating your intent to leave a job. First of all, review a contract and inform your employer much earlier about your decision (14, 30 days, etc.). Of your contract does not specify the notice period, then you should inform your employer 14 days earlier because it is a standard term.

Another important task is creating a resignation letter with a brief explanation of the reasons for leaving. It should also include the job leaving date. Keep this letter positive and professional. It is also good to demonstrate gratitude for getting the opportunity of working for the employer.

Meet with your supervisor to deliver the letter in person. This will show that you are professional. During this meeting, you can talk about your reasons for leaving. The most important element of this meeting is to assure your supervisor that you are ready to do the hard work for the rest of your time in the company. You can decide to switch to short-term tasks or organize long-term projects such that your replacement will not have problems with continuing them.

Last days in a company

During the final weeks or days at work, perform all of your tasks according to the exit strategy developed during the meeting with a supervisor. You should also project a positive attitude until the end. It is important to leave a positive impression because this will have a very large impact on the opinion that you will receive from this employee and it will also affect your hireability.

As you can see, it is possible to leave a contract job, but you need to observe some important rules to do it the right way. Thanks to your professional behavior, both employers and staffing companies, will not cause any problems, so you will be able to find other propositions in the future.


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