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What is a business day?


People who are employed or run their businesses use many different terms and words associated with the business. One of them is known as a business day. This term is used to describe a very popular time unit that means a working day in which companies perform their business activities. Generally, business days are Monday-Friday from 9:00 to 17:00, but different companies and organizations also use other hour models (7:00 – 15:00, etc.). The term of a business day does not include weekends or public holidays. In the industry of securities, a business day is any day the financial markets are open and allow for performing trading operations.

How to understand business days?

Sometimes consumers have got problems with business days when depositing checks that need to clear. In some cases, the check clearing process can take up to 2-15 days depending on the location of the issuer and check the size. Of course, these 2-15 days do not include weekends or public holidays, so the time required to get access to funds can be extended.

People and companies that take part in international transactions should also remember that business days can be different in different countries because some holidays are observed in specific countries and other ones have got holidays on other days.

The term business days is also popular among companies that offer transportation and deliveries. For example, letters, packages, and mail can be delivered within 7 business days, etc.

Special considerations associated with business days

Special considerations apply to business days in case of international entities that take part in international transactions. Typically, these transactions require additional business days to settle, according to associated routine domestic financial transactions.

Many different financial transactions, contracts, and instruments include different periods of settlement. Sometimes these transactions or contracts require only one day and sometimes they need three or more business days. Local markets very often determine periods required to perform different transactions.

Fortunately, currently we can observe a very high development and many improvements in channels of communication and capabilities of international transactions, so in many situations, people and companies can realize business transactions and activities 24/7 thanks to the state of the art electronic means.

Business days and online stock trading

Many people interested in multiplying their earnings on stock or Forex, should remember about business days if they wish to withdraw their money or make an international deposit. Fortunately, many online solutions allow for performing fast transactions even during weekends and observed holidays. If a specific stock exchange or Forex market does not work during specific days, then it is possible to use special demo accounts that allow for practicing offline. These platforms offer virtual money, so you can use a weekend or other non-business days to practice your skills and test some solutions.


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