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Production cost reports


Companies specialized in production, need to remember about preparing many types of documents and reports. One of these documents is called a production cost report. It includes the costs of operations and raw materials required to create a product. Production cost reports (PCR) are very often called cost of production reports, process cost summaries or product cost reports. According to the type of business or product, PCRs can include various data sets. Generally, these documents include a comprehensive list and breakdown of all expenses required to create a product. In most situations, these reports conclude with a section that shows the cost per product unit.

Basic information about PCRs

Of course, people from the whole world are interested in the production costs associated with their businesses. The idea of keeping track of these costs has been popular many centuries ago. First descriptions of production costs in charts were included in the accounting practices in the 1970s. From these years, people decided to develop more and more formal variants or models. In 2011 experts introduced the weighted average and first-in, first-out (FIFO) methods of creating useful PCRs. These methods are popular in many business schools.

Production cost reports are very useful documents that are valuable especially for business managers. They allow for making important and effective decisions associated with current products and product development procedures. Good understanding of all elements and factors included in a product cost allows for making model long-term decisions on a strategic level and these decisions can be associated with suppliers, products, mix, future development of products, etc.

Marketing and production cost reports

PCRs are informative and very valuable documents suitable for managers responsible for different aspects of a business. They are also important to people who take care of marketing activities. Managers who know actual costs and their expected change in the future can make good decisions about allocating marketing resources and sales. Accurate cost information is also important to managers who are responsible for setting and adjusting prices. They will reach the best possible price points and increase commissions to incentivize the force of sales. PCRs stating that profit margins are very high can prompt managers to spend more funds on advertisements that promote a specific product.

How to create a production cost report?

A person who wants to create an accurate and valuable production cost report has to include all the aspects of a business model in the report. This document should include everything required to create a product (raw materials, energy, labor, storage, and other direct or indirect costs). PCRs can have different formats. They can include tables or graphics with comparative charts, so they will be easy to read and understand.

As we can see, production cost reports are very important documents generated by production companies. They provide valuable information and they can prompt managers to make key decisions important for the whole business.

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